Determining Your Child's Best Interests

When two parents decide it's time for a divorce, there are many questions that arise. Most of them are about the children. Will I get to see my children and how will the co-parenting agreement look? What is visitation and how much child support will I have to pay?

The family law practice at Harshbarger Law Firm is passionate about helping families answer their questions while seeking solutions that work for you. We are compassionate and caring, yet willing to fight to make sure that justice prevails.

We Work With You Throughout The Process

When you visit our offices in Dillon or Whiteall, a lawyer will sit down and talk about your situation. Child custody can be a contentious and emotional topic and we will listen to your needs and your concerns as we work together to reach a solution that's in the best interests of your child.

We keep your interests and your children in mind throughout the process, whether that means agreeing with your co-parent in the middle or going to court to force a resolution.

Keeping Up With Life Changes

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience. We use our knowledge to get results for our clients. Child custody goes far beyond choosing a primary custodian. We have helped parents throughout southwest Montana reach solutions to their problems concerning custody, child support and parenting plans for all types of families. Founding attorney Lori Harshbarger is a certified collaborative divorce attorney who enjoys bringing people together to find resolution to your problems.

While custody begins with an agreement, it changes with life events and participation. It's common to seek changes as children age or parents move. We've helped many Montana families through difficult battles involving enforcement of previous agreements, as well as modifications when there is a relocation, career change or remarriage.

Call Us To Get Started

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