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Divorce Where You Have The Final Say

When you picture divorce court, it’s usually two angry parties arguing over control of assets and who will get the children. The truth is, most divorces are more peaceful with a give and take along the way. While not everybody gets along well enough to reach an out-of-court settlement, when parties do agree on their own, it saves time and money.

In court, the judge will decide your fate. Through collaborative measures, you can control your outcome.

At Harshbarger Law Firm, we provide mediation and collaborative divorce services throughout southwest Montana, offering you a say in your divorce.

Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

Mediation is a negotiation process where we serve as a neutral third party, in the middle between you and your partner. This can help avoid going to divorce court where a judge will make the final decision.

Another common method of divorce outside of the courtroom is collaborative divorce, where both parties hire their own lawyers for negotiation but still settle without going before the judge.

Benefits of mediation and collaborative divorce include:

  • A nonadversarial atmosphere
  • Control over your outcome
  • Negotiation takes place in private (anything that is said in divorce court is public record)
  • By avoiding court, alternate dispute resolutions are often cheaper

While collaborative divorce and mediation aren’t for everyone, both provide an alternative to the courtroom and give you a say in your settlement.

Let Us Make Your Divorce Easier

Lori Harshbarger is an experienced mediator who enjoys bringing people together to solve their differences. She is also a certified collaborative divorce attorney in the state of Montana, and she will work together with you and your divorcing partner to make sure that you both feel satisfaction and closure through your settlement.

If you think mediation or collaborative divorce might be right for you, call us at 406-299-9233 for a free consultation, or reach us online.