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Co-parenting after a divorce requires thoughtful planning

| Oct 25, 2018 | Uncategorized |

As a parent, the most important consideration in your life is the wellbeing and happiness of your children. While parents will do whatever is necessary to make their child’s life as painless and enjoyable as possible, sometimes life’s challenges are unavoidable. One such challenge might be their parents’ divorce.

Realistically, a divorce will likely change the dynamics of your family in a variety of ways. That said, co-parenting with a former spouse in Montana does not have to be an insurmountable issue, particularly if you put in the work from the start. As you begin to plan for shared parenting after a divorce, consider some important elements and tools for devising a working plan.

Advantages of a parenting plan

Parenting plans are not just a helpful tool for parents after a divorce, they are a requirement in Montana courts during a dissolution of marriage. As such, parenting plans include a few essential elements, though parents can personalize them beyond these requirements if need be.

An effective parenting plan lays out the details of parenting time, where a child lives, division of decision-making powers and a strategy for adapting the current plan. Without a plan in place, parents may find legal challenges when trying to enforce a parenting schedule or deal with one parent moving out of state. A comprehensive plan devises effective strategies for dealing with common issues associated with shared parenting.

Prioritizing the childs welfare

The goal of co-parenting needs to be the success and wellbeing of the children involved. Far too often parents let outside issues take over their focus and divert the necessary attention from children to unrelated problems. Additionally, parents often fall into a habit of placing a child in the middle of their own issues, which can be detrimental to their wellbeing and stability.

Children need to be the priority over unrelated issues, no matter how fraught the parents’ relationship may be. If you and your former partner struggle to communicate or otherwise parent together after a divorce, it may be necessary to employ some additional resources. Consider technological solutions including co-parenting apps and shared calendars as a means to lessen the burdens on everyone involved, particularly the kids.

Preparing to co-parent with a soon to be ex can be an overwhelming experience, but it is by no means impossible to find a workable solution for your family. The divorce and child custody process is often simplified through thoughtful planning and prioritizing the best interests of the child. Take the initial steps now to create a workable plan for your family.