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Securing Your Property Rights

Ranches are one of many things that make Montana great. However, they are complex properties that include elements of business, real estate and agriculture law. Ranchers face questions about business formation and contracts as well as land use matters and growing concerns of water rights.

When you’re looking to buy a ranch or property in the state, you need a thorough examination of the property and its value — both its appraised value and its potential, above and below ground. The title company is concerned with visible property and not with practical but sometimes overlooked issues like your water access.

At Harshbarger Law Firm, we provide knowledgeable legal service to southwest Montana on all agricultural law matters, including:

Montana Water Court

Water is principle to life, yet your right to its use as a landowner can be difficult to understand. We are an experienced law firm that works with our clients personally to answer their questions about permitting, applications and adjudication. We will bring your issues to the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and Montana Water Court to make sure you get the answers you need.

Whether you are in dispute over access, require details about a new property or need clarification for current use, our experienced team will help you through the process.

Get Advice From A Montana Rancher/Attorney

We have one office in southwest Montana  in Dillon.

We understand your concerns. You need to secure your water rights and we will fight to make sure that your valuable property is protected.

If you have any questions about your current water rights or those for a property you may purchase, contact us for a free initial consultation. Call our office at 406-299-9233 or send an email and our lawyers will get back to you.